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Big Changes

posted Jun 22, 2014, 9:11 AM by Alex Rogowski   [ updated Jun 22, 2014, 10:37 AM ]

OK. Quite a few changes around here. Most notably, The Index of Scales and the Index of Symmetric Scales have been removed . . . a few reasons for this. First, all of the text has been heavily edited, and expanded upon for my forthcoming book. Secondly, the sound files will soon be available from my bandcamp page.

The book will be somewhere around 230 pages of concise information - No TABS, no BIG NOTES, no endless redundancies or repetition of the same material in different keys.

The audio files (now uncompressed)  will be available for free downloading for those who purchase the book (or next to nothing for those who do not) from bandcamp. Additionally, the scores will also be available as a “bonus” to the "album" downloads.


I will be seeking out critical review and vetting prior to publishing. If you have street cred, university cred, or just feel that you have extensive theoretical knowledge yet are able to be objective when considering new ideas, please contact me.