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A Couple of Things

posted Apr 23, 2017, 5:25 AM by Alex Rogowski
Thing One

Dropbox has finally ended file linking. So, in case you've bookmarked files from my site, PDFs are now linked to Google Drive - which should work just fine. What hasn't worked out well is finding a means to link to my sound files. This may take some time to resolve so, for now, mp3s will take you to a broken link.

Thing Two

I've reposted some old arrangements for solo guitar which can be found via my Archive page or just clicking here. You'll find some very straight arrangements, a few tongue-in-cheek, and a few sincere attempts at arranging some more serious stuff (Bill Evans, et al). In any case, if you don't have occasion to use them in a 'real-life' setting you may, at least, find them amusing.